Case Notes

13 May 1985
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"If I can instill in you a love of reading you'll never really be alone."
-My Dad's English teacher.

I like people in general. I tend to always give someone the benefit of the doubt and do what I can to help him or her.

If I take into account what I have been told over the years, I am an amazing Canadian cowboy bear. /grin

Any day I learn something is a day that has not been wasted. But time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

My view with regards to religion are mine, If you would like to know what they are please feel free to ask, I’ll be happy to tell you.

Things I have been quoted as saying;
“Ignorance is a blessing, as it is an opportunity to learn.”
“Cower before my Dorkishness!!”
"If I ever stop thinking I may as well be dead."I
" want to tell you something; I just haven’t decided what it is yet."

My favorite mis-quote (of myself): "Mumble mumble, Comic book reference, Something about Pip."
For the sake of clarity; Pip is my dog.